Sparco Racing Seat Review

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Always wanted to put a high end racing seat in my rig. So, I finally found the seat I wanted to give go. This is the Sparco EVO 1 seat. There are different sizes available for this seat. The 1 you see here the 2, and the 3, also know as the “Big Bubba” EVO! The single piece molded fiberglass shell results in a very light, stiff seat. Which is ideal for mounting to a motion simulator. The assures that any inputs for the seat actuators is instantly felt by the driver. This, opposed to a heavier seat that is not constructed in the same way. The seat bracket is this video are really great pieces, but mostly over kill for this application. But that hasn’t ever stopped me before! I am 5’8″ and 150lbs. This seat fits me like a glove mostly. Except for the very back bottom of the seat, where there is space between the small of my back and the seat back. No big deal as you can easily add more foam to those type of area’s. So, you can make this seat fit you very well. And that’s the secret to doing long driving sessions without and pain when you get out.

Sparco EVO

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