I started Sim Racing Garage as a way to share my passion for all things concerning automotive racing. I raced carts starting at 11 years old. Then graduated to doing some limited SCCA circuit racing campaigning a Datsun 510. As often happens, life got in the way and I stopped racing for many years. Then in 2001 I bought a new Honda S2000 with the great AP1 engine that would redline at 9000rpm! I took it to some local autocross events and had a blast. Then I started taking it up to Virginia International Raceway, a four hour drive, during their “Track Day” events. This just made me want to get back into racing. But I just did not have the time, or resources to do it. So like most, I had to settle for computer and console racing games to get my fix. As I became more interested in making the racing experience more immersive, it drove me to the internet seeking all the knowledge I could find on Sim Racing peripherals. There were actually a lot of reviews on wheel and pedals systems to watch on YouTube. But much to my dismay, these reviews just glossed over the technical details that I was searching for. So I started purchasing some wheels with pedal sets and taking them apart to see how they functioned, how they were built, what type of materials were used, and what kind of improvements could be made to them if any. This was not too difficult for me as I have worked on all kinds of mechanical things throughout my lifetime. With some tinkering in electronics as well. So, thinking of how it would be nice if someone would document this kind of thing during a review on Sim Racing hardware, I decided to post a video of me doing just that. Turns out, there are some people out there who liked these videos. So, I continued to make the videos and post them.

Another big reason I do “In Depth” reviews, is to give the viewer as much information as I possibly can. As I, just like anyone else who does videos or writes articles, have my own personal bias’s when it comes to certain things. I do my best to recognize these bias’s and suppress them during my reviews. Of course being a human being these bias’s can still show themselves. But if I give the viewer as much information as I can, they will have the detailed information they need to make the decision on whether it is something that they might want to buy. Regardless if I recommend it or not.

So here we are. I am now retired and will be able to devote more time to the Sim Racing Garage. Which I really enjoy doing for the most part. In the past I mostly only reviewed some pretty high end gear, that most would never want to buy if they are just sitting in front of their desktop and racing. I will, of course continue to review these expensive items, but will also be reviewing entry level and higher Sim Racing hardware as they appear and I have access to them. I will also focus on any mods out there for any particular piece of hardware, claiming to improve performance or theĀ  user experience.

Want to say thank you to all the support I receive for what I am doing.

Barry Rowland.


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