Pro-Sim H Pattern Shifter Review

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Pro-Sim has finally released it’s H pattern shifter. I had a great time reviewing this shifter. It does indeed feel like a I am using a real car’s shifter when going through gears on cars that support it. It has an impeccable build quality, with attention to detail and precise fitment everywhere you look. Truly something very special fora Simulator Rigs. Not only a fun tool to use when having a go in our rigs, but also a viable training tool for those who own cars with H pattern shifters in them. Circuit Racing, Autocross, Track Days, this shifter can
let you train at home. So you get up to speed faster, once on the track. Or, if you just want to let it go on your favorite road, with just the right amount of corners, better to put wear and tear on this than your actualcar’s drive train. It is also manufactured by “Quaife Engineering”. Well established in the manufacture of high quality performance drive line components, both for racing, and street applications.

The shifter does not come with the “Gear Lockout” mechanism at this time, but it will be available sometime next year as a bolt on option. Here’s what Pro-Sim says it will add to the shifter’s capabilities:

The shift lock will be able to be set for dog or synchro engagement. With a different set of rules running in the background to allow or disallow certain shifts.

So, you will be able to emulate whatever type of shifting you like once installed. Which is something I am looking forward to. As you might imagine the quality built into this shifter is not cheap. It will cost £1,195.00 excl. VAT ( That currently translates to € 1334.55 +VAT – US$ 1592.28). And the “Gear Lockout” element is estimated at this time to run around £250 to  £300.

You can see it at Pro-Sim in their web store.



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Nancy Ketola

This is a really great post!


Awesome review. Best YouTuber for Sim Racing reviews!