SRM Fanatec USB Conversion and Carbon Shifters

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Here, we are reviewing the latest edition of Sim Racing Machines Fanatec to USB conversion kit. This kit updates the adapter to a very nice looking CNC’d unit. And ads a new connector to fix the USB’s cord to the Teensy USB board. This kit is the easiest way I know of to complete this conversion. All the components are top shelf quality.

We also review the trick magnetic shifters the Sim Racing Machine sells. You have two different weight adjustments on the shifters and they can be changed by simply swaping out the magnets on the shifters. You have a choice of 10mm magnets or 15mm magnets. The shifters are very easy to install, virtually plug and play. And I  have say they can completely change the feel of you wheel. Going from the stock shifters to these magnetic units is a revelation. You will never go back the simple spring shifters again. Not that the original shifters are bad, their not, they get the job of changing gears done quite nicely. But feel a bit limp and lifeless compared to these magnetic units.

You can check out all of Simon’s products on the SRM website.


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