SimXperience GS-4 “G” Seat Review

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What can I say, the GS-4 seat is just brilliant! It really add a whole new level of immersion the Sim Racing experience. Especially when you have it mounted to a static rig. You can feel the road bumps. You get the sensation, just for a moment, of actually pulling G’s in a corner. You feel the compression on your legs, while the back of the seat becomes weightless under braking. If you go over a section of road that falls way from you, just for a split second you feel the negative G force as the bottom panels drop away from your legs. The GS-4 also adds to the immersion of a motion rig, just not as much as a static one. As you already have motion coming from one system, and are now mixing it with the GS-4’s system. So it have as much impact as when you bolt to your static rig for the first time. Highly recommended if you can find one. Too bad they don’t make them anymore. But SimXperience is said to be working on a GS-5 seat. So we’ll just have to wait until it comes out to see how they have improved upon the original seat. Which will be no easy feat!

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