Direct Drive FFB Wheel System Comparison

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This took a while to put together but I think the results are worth the effort. Had a great time doing this one! Looks like the Kollmorgen equipped OSW wheel can out on top for most testers. While the Bodnar, with it’s own Kollmorgen, was a close second, only bested by the superior configuration options offered by the OSW. The Accuforce, while a quite competent wheel system, just couldn’t replicate the smoothness, fidelity, and precision with it’s smaller stepper motor solution. But, that should not comes as a surprise when it is compared to the Kollmorgen toting wheel systems.

Which wheel system is right for you? Only you can decide that. If a complete turn key DD system is what you want, I think the Accuforce would be the way to go. If your more of a DIY’r then the OSW would be the next choice. But now you can by an OSW system that is complete and very easy to get up and running, but you will pay more than if you went for the Accuforce system, as you still need to source a steering wheel. You can also keep the cost down by going with a Mige Servo motor instead of something like a Kollmorgen. If you want the best feeling wheel with minimum fuss and don’t mind paying more for that, the new Sim Steering v2 system is the way to go. Where you have a choice of which Kollmorgen motor you would like to run. An AKM52g, AKM53g, or AKM54g with prices getting higher the more power you want.

Any of these choices will enhance the immersion factor  in your Sim rig.

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