Accuforce Pro Review

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Direct Drive Force Feed Back Sweetness! I really like this “All In One” DD FFB solution. It’s really is a “turn key” DD wheel system. All you have to do is plug it in and drive it. Hat’s off to the SimXperience crew for bringing this to the masses. Moving up from any gear, or belt driven FFB system is a revelation! You won’t believe the amount of detail you get on this system. You will be able to catch slides faster and feel what the front end of the car is doing like never before. Truly a game changer for you guys moving up. Not so much if you already own and OSW, or Sim Steering FFB system. The Accuforce uses a smaller stepper motor that just can’t deliver the smoothness, precision, and fidelity that those system can when running the much more expensive Kollmorgen Servo motors. But of course they cost more! So this is what I would recommend as an entry level FFB solution. Easy to set up, and a great FFB driving experience in it’s own right.

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